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Fiona Rawle

Fiona Rawle holds a Ph.D. in Pathology and Molecular Medicine and is currently the Acting Director of Teaching Innovation at the University of Toronto Mississauga, as well as an Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, in the Dept. of Biology at UTM. She is one of the founders of UTM’s Research and Innovation in Science Education Group (or RISE). Fiona’s teaching and pedagogical interests focus on several areas:

  1. the incorporation of evidence-based pedagogy into course design;
  2. the development of case studies to immerse students in real-world biological challenges and allow students to connect with material form different perspectives;
  3. the development of active learning techniques that can be used in large class settings;
  4. the development of scientific literacy interventions that can be used across the undergraduate biology curriculum; and
  5. engaging students as partners in the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL).

Fiona was the recipient of a 2015 Early Career Teaching Award from the University of Toronto, and a 2010 Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence from Wilfrid Laurier University.

General Workshop:

Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to STEM Learning
This workshop will be grounded in evidence-based pedagogy and will focus on practical approaches for identifying and overcoming barriers to learning in the STEM disciplines. Topics will include strategies for identifying and overcoming persistent misconceptions in the sciences, how to assess true learning and transferable skill development, and strategies for reinforcing learning and increasing retention . Workshop participants will be given access to resources including animations linked with active learning exercises, and a workshop libguide. 

Seminar: Students as Partners in Studying the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
This seminar will focus on how students can be partners in our exploration of the scholarship of teaching and learning. We will discuss the big picture – what we want our students to be able to do when they graduate, and how we, as professors and lab instructors, can get them there. We will discuss strategies for making students partners in the study of SoTL, and will showcase how this can result in increase learning gains for the students.