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Please join us (@AB_Biology) on twitter. For those of you who are new to twitter, it is a powerful tool to engage with colleagues and the wider scientific community. Virtually every science related organization has an account and a recent estimate suggests ~1/40 academics are now using this platform to connect with others. The spirit of twitter is to support the formation of communities around common interests to exchange information and discuss ideas openly.

If you want to get started now sign up for an account at www.twitter.com. You can remain anonymous if you choose, but it works best to use your own name. Remember that you are in complete charge of how much, or how little, information you put out there. Include a brief description of yourself in the profile and choose an avatar (a picture).

Look at the list of accounts that follow @AB_Biology to find colleagues to follow. In addition, if you want suggestions on accounts to follow to get started, here are a few popular biology/science related accounts that you might enjoy: