Undergraduate Biology Educators of Alberta (UBEA)

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If you don’t know about the UBEA, please go to our About Us page. It has information about our society and efforts to promote effective post-secondary education in Alberta by biology instructors/professors.

If you want to join UBEA or become a new sponsor, new members and sponsors are encouraged to sign up at this site here! Returning members should note that your 2018-2019 membership expired on December 31, 2019.  If you are already registered as a member of UBEA please re-subscribe through PayPal here! (If you prefer to send a cheque, you can get the address by clicking that same link).  Your payment status is available by following the link at the bottom of routine UBEA emails.

The UBEA 2020 Annual Meeting has been cancelled.   Click on the ANNUAL Meeting icon above for additional information.

We hosted a competition to select a new UBEA logo and are pleased to showcase our award winning logo created by Lars Petersen.